Becoming A Member




Membership in the church is a critical step in making St. Paul’s Lutheran Church your spiritual home.  


A membership class, taught by our pastors, is offered several times throughout the year. This class provides a thorough overview of everything St. Paul's believes and does, including:

  • A comparison of St. Paul's teaching to every other world religion and Christian denomination.
  • An overview of St. Paul's mission and how we live it out together.
  • Lots of opportunities to get to know our pastors and ask your questions.


There is no cost to attend the class and childcare is provided. A continental breakfast will be served.


For more information about becoming a member of St. Paul’s or to register for an upcoming new member class, please contact Amelia Capell in the church office at least one week in advance of the class at or at (714) 637-2640.