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KNO Participant Info

What to Bring:
Please label all items with your child's name.  Lost and found items will be placed in a bin in the church gym lobby.
- Sleeping Bag           - Pillow                       - Toothbrush & toothpaste
- Pajamas                     - Light Jacket          - Inhaler/Epi-pen (if needed)
What to Leave at Home:
Your child(ren) should NOT bring any of the following items:
- Toys of any kind       - Snacks or drinks (will be provided)
- Medication (if they need medication at bed time, please give it to them before or after the event)
Exception: if your child has a food allergy, they may bring their own snack to KNO for snack time.
What to wear:
- Clothes (NOT pajamas, some of our activities will be outside)
- Athletic shoes (not slippers)
- Light jacket or sweatshirt
When to Arrive/Pick Up:
Drop off - You can bring your child to the church gym starting at 6:00pm.  Please park in the large parking lot off of Canal St. and head to the sign-in tables located at the gym entrance. (Please note: check-in tables are no longer located on the black top.)  A pizza dinner is served between 6-6:30pm.  If you must bring them any later than 6:30pm, please feed them before coming.  We can't guarantee we'll have pizza by then.  If they don't like pizza or have a food allergy, please feed them before coming.
Pick up - Children may be picked up as early at 8:30pm (that's when we start the movie).  All children must be picked up by 10:00pm.  All outside doors are locked, so please come to the sign-out table located at the gym entrance (where you checked in).
Emergency Contact:
The church and ECDC offices are closed during KNO.  No one is available to answer the phones.  In the event of an emergency, please call the following numbers in order:
(714) 356-2100
(619) 208-0619
(714) 914-8514
Health Issues:
Food allergies - children will be eating pizza from What-a-Lotta Pizza for dinner and drinking a bottle of water.  Children will also receive a snack.  Snacks vary, but we are not a nut-free campus.  You are welcome to arrive early to visit the kitchen to see the product labels.
Medication - if your child takes medication, please give it to them before or after KNO.  If your child has an inhaler or Epi-pen, please place it in the medication bag we'll provide at check-in.  A leader will hold the medication throughout the evening in case your child needs it.  Don't forget to take the medication home with you at the end of the night.
6:00-6:30pm - Check-in, dinner & board games
6:30-6:45pm - Opening
6:50-8:00pm - Bible story, crafts, games
8:10-8:30pm - Snack & bed time
8:30-10:00pm - Movie (pick up okay)
KNO ENDS AT 10:00pm. 
Contact the following for more KNO info:
TK-5th: [email protected]
Infants-PK: [email protected]